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I have really bad allergies which causes headaches and...?

the past two days it has been really bad and now my lymph nodes under my left arm are swollen and hurting bad when i put my arm down does anyone know if this is because of the allergies? im really worried :[
Hi CY2Here are some ideas on how to heal the issue. You also need to learn about cleansing the body of toxins by doing a colon and liver cleanse to heal for long term.Cause of Allergies
Overall, the underlying causes of allergy and sensitivity are dietary and lifestyle factors specifically titled as imbalanced immune function, barrier function default (such as "leaky gut" syndrome), and toxic overload. Each of these are, in varying degrees, responsible for the development and continuation of allergy and sensitivity.
Herbal Medicine: There are a variety of herbs that offer relief from allergies, such as goldenseal, red sage, and goldenrod. To reduce mucus, try astringents such as yarrow and myrrh (Commiphora myrrha). These help to contract inflamed tissues and reduce secretions and discharges. To strengthen immune response use echinacea, astragalus root, goldenseal root, and Pfaffia paniculata (suma or Brazilian ginseng). These herbs can be effective and safe for treating weakened immune systems.
Eating raw Garlic and Onions will provide relief as well. The more you use the faster the relief will come.Cayenne pepper is a favorite herb among those treating allergy patients. The active ingredient is a strong anti-inflammatory, and it is recommend to allergy suffers, including asthma patients, as a simple and effective treatment. Sprinkling liberal amounts of the pepper on meals for a few days can provide relief. Or better yet eat them raw and sweat for a few minutes. Watch your sinus clear up quickly.Although herbal remedies have shown excellent results in reducing allergy/sensitivity symptoms, using herbs to treat allergies involves an individual approach. Some particularly effective anti-inflammatory herbs are stinging nettle, Ginkgo biloba, and licorice. Chinese skullcap, ephedra, and feverfew are others to consider for treating allergy symptoms. Patients whose conditions are severe should consult with a trained herbalist or naturopath. A major symptom of allergies is gastrointestinal upset, including bloating, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and nausea. Demulcent herbs can alleviate these symptoms (demulcent is a term used by herbalists to describe an herb that has a protective effect on the mucous membranes by minimizing irritation). The most commonly used herbs are marshmallow, slippery elm bark, cabbage juice, okra, fenugreek, and aloe vera. Homeopathy: Homeopathy has widespread applications for the treatment of allergies. In many situations, minute diluted doses of the substance a person is allergic to can be prepared as a homeopathic solution that triggers the body`s natural ability to heal itself. Homeopathic remedies are best prescribed by a competent homeopath. Self-diagnosis is discouraged due to the variety of factors that must be considered before the appropriate treatment is selected. However, the following remedies can be helpful: Ferrum phos, lycopodium, and silica.Juice Therapy: A juice fast of organic vegetable juices for 2-3 weeks can help detoxify the body, thus improving its ability to cope with allergies. Two useful juice combinations for this purpose are beet, carrot, and cucumber; and carrot and celery. For added benefit, add a small piece of ginger root to either juice combination. Best of health to you
I agree with first answer. I also recommend learning to sing. This is because it will resonate through your sinsus cavities if you sing correctly and will will lift your spirits. I had algrgies and after I became a singer I was no longer bothered with the symptoms. Your lymph nodes are trying to tell you something so I also reccomend first off seeing a doctor.
alot of allergies are caused by candida (yeast) in the body... are you eating something that you generally don't eat that could have mold/ fungus... or are you craving a lot of sugar and carbs? if so you might wanna take a yeast cleanse and follow a candida diet...renew life has good cleanses and as for the diet... eat plenty of veggies, lean meat, almond nut butter,almond milk, ezekiel bread and cereals, brown rice, millet...etc.

I have realized that in most of my friend's picture the center ball of her eyes are red not black.?

thise for the passt six years that her pictures the eyes are completly red where is sopouse to be something rongh with her?
This is from the flash being reflected by the inside of the eye. it is very common and has nothing to do with any medical condition whatsoever.
It's the camera and the film not her eye...don't you know that?
no/ the / red eye thing/ will/ remove it
This is a reflection of the camera flash off of a structure in the eye called the tapteum lucidum.
Shine a light into a dog's eyes to see the same thing; it'll be red or green. You might get bit.
it sounds like they just have red eye from the flash of the camera. if you have a digital camera you can take that off the pictures. there is also a pen you can buy that will take the red eye off pictures that you have had developed.

I have rare single moderate sharp pain through my heart once in a blue moon. Should I worry?

It's hard to know what this could be, since so many pains can occur in the same general area. It could be your heart, yes, but it could also be your gallbladder, a pulled muscle, or simple gas!The chances of a 20-year-old having angina-type heart pains are low. It's a lot more likely that you are feeling a pulled muscle or pinched nerve.HOWEVER....Any chest pain or pain that you don't understand should be checked out. It would take about 5 minutes for a doctor to give you an EKG, listen to your heart and tell you that you're OK. And for the price of 5 minutes of your time you'd have this worry behind you. I say, go ahead and do it...what have you got to lose?
Could be plurisi (a condition where water or fluid gets between the heart muscle and the outside membrane). It isn't serious, but if you get it too often, I'd see a doctor.
since its in the heart as you said, don't worry, but have it checked. don't lose anything for a check up, unless you find out there's something wrong. At least be early...

I have randomly placed bumps on skin that DON'T me out?

Is this HIV??I am a hypochondriac with extreme worries.I am a virgin. No IV drug use...ever. Parents are completely healthy. Lifestyle is quite contained.I am terrified of having it from people pricking me with needles at like a movie theater or something.I am extremely worried about these bumps.What do you think the cause is.Is this common??I have taken 4 HIV tests in the last year and all came back negative. I know it sounds ridiculous that I even be terrified of that but I am. I am going to therapist tomorrow morning but I can't stop worrying so that I can sleep tonight...
Just chill out. HIV isn't something that goes through out the air. So, NO HIV for you :)))
You didn't say how big this bumps are. Where are they? How many there are? Do they have some collor? Anything?
Do not take it as offend, but i would suggest, instead taking another HIV test, go to see a psychiatrist, to talk about this hypochondriac thing you have. I'd say everybody is hypochondriac in some way, but there is really no reason for so much worries. You can do some real damage by worrying too much.
The most common thing, about "randomly placed bumps on skin that DON'T itch" is congested sebaceous glands. It's really not serious, and is pretty common for your age. But, if the bumps are really big, let's say like nuts or bigger, or they have different collor, it should be wise to see a doctor and he'll know for sure.
Just guessing from what you say Maybe Hives- An allergic reaction to something you have come in contact with. You say, people are sticking you with Needles at the movies. What next that sounds scary I wouldn't be going there again.
First off, you need to calm down. I think you have read way too many e-mails about people putting needle in public places-not to mention that if you do get stuck with something and go to the doc right away, they can put you on a cocktail of meds so you don't end up with HIV.
Secondly, you are probably giving yourself the hives from stressing all the time. They could be tons of things-some bug bites don't itch, they could be a simple heat rash, rash from your laundry detergent, a number of things.
Go to the doctor if you are that worried about it.
Your probably getting hived from stressing so much.. sometimes people get heat bumps from hot weather or rashes or hives from worrying and stressing so much,,Quit worrying as i have never heard of people poking needles in movies,,,Try to relax or your gonna drive your self silly and have a breakdown. PS you;ll be fine relax; go see the therapist in the morning ' so go get some rest now ok,,,,, lots of luck Shelly in Seattle

I have pulmanary hypertension?

iv got pht and the pressure in my rv is 40 it has it on the echo and this was over 2 years ago and my breathins got worser sence then could this mean the pressure is worser i got mild to moderate tr with rv pressure at 40 what does that mean every thing else was normal besides the hypertesion when your daignosed with it do you have it rest your life
Pulmonary hypertension usually is a result of congestive heart failure. Do you have a bad heart? If it's worse, go to the heart doctor, or the pulmonologist right away. This is not something to wait around on.
Are you on drugs for it? You need them. Yes you have it for the rest of your life.
Call the doctor.
Hi there
My daughter was diagnosed with primary pulmonary hypertension 6 months ago when she was 9. Please continue to see a cardiologist and get medication for it. PH is a progressive disease and medication can slow it down. Medication will do wonders...My daughter is on Tracleer and Sildenafil.
Pulmonary Hypertension is high blood pressure in the main artery and blood vessels between the lungs. This is what causes the right ventricle in the heart to enlarge. (The heart is trying to make up for the oxygen your lungs are not getting).
Go to
There is info on there for you to find a doctor,get medical updates,advancing the cause (alot of people do not know what PH is), support and just general info.

I have problems with anxiety and panic attacks.?

So i have issues with anxiety and panic attacks. I though of going to the doctor for a daily medication to take but i dont want it to change my personality and make me boring and dull to anything. Have you heard of a medication that does not make you like this. All i take now is xanax for when they come about. Almost thought i might have asthma (sp?) or feel like i'm having a heart attack. Any advise...
Go see a doctor. Only a doctor can figure out if you have asthma or if it's a result of your anxiety. And xanax, or similar drugs, are what is usually prescribed for anxiety. See a doctor.
Xanax is one med that can make you the zombie type you describe. I suffer the same symptoms you do and I am on meds too. I don't take Xanax but do take other meds and do have a changed personality, today I am more not so afraid around people and I can handle the panic attacks better when they pop up. It's still embarrasing when you feel like your having a heart attack and its caused by nothing many times when your in certain situations but now I can deal with it. If the panic attacks and anxiety are not under control talk to your doc. If you or your friends start to notice weird symptoms let your doc know immediately the meds can be changed or stopped with medical advice. Good luckJustina
For years, I was a distance runner to treat my anxiety but now find yoga and mediatation is the way to handle it. Breath is a very important key. Observe your breath and use it to calm yourself.
CLONAZEPAM is great for anxiety ive been useing it for years
I started having Panic Attacks after my last child 7 months ago. I talk to the doc and he gave me Zolof I took it 1 time and it knocked me out and it made me more anxious than I was you know what I did I went to church and got in the prayer line and got prayed for..let me tell you prayer is the best thing for all your needs. I felt a peace and I quite have attacks. Just wanted to share my experience with ya! ;0) Best wishes to you!

I have primary Reynaud's Disease/Syndrome and my hands are very hot and tingly what can I do about this?

I have moved from (relatively) cold Canada to hot and tropical South East China, and now my hands have gone from being cold and purple, to feeling like they're hot and tingly. They're actually quite painful. I run them under cold water, and put them in the freezer for very short periods of time.
I thought moving to a warmer climate was supposed to help!
My Reynaud's was diagnosed by a dermatologist in 2005.
Bummer - tough thing to treat. There is a class of medication called calcium channel blockers that can sometimes help with this. Trouble is, it doesn't always work. Sounds to me like your Raynaud's could be progressing. Sometimes Raynaud's can be one of the early signs of another autoimmune/connective tissue disease like scleroderma. Have you checked into this? Best thing to do is prevent exposure to extreme temperatures to minimize the symptoms.
My suggestion is to try herbs. Look for a doctor experienced in herbal medicine. Should be easy to locate one in China.
You could try taking a betablocker during the summer. This is high blood pressure medication that slows down your heart rate a bit and decreases circulation to the extremities including your hands and feet causing them to be cold. Examples of betablockers include Inderal( propranolol ) and atenenol. Do not take this medication if you have asthma. This medication will make your raynauds worse in cold weather.

I have post-nasal drip and severe allergies, what can I do to make them go away?

Some people have told me I have post-nasal drip and severe allergies, what can I do to make them go away? After being active, when I breathe I have a wheezy sound in my throat from the mucus. I'm currently taking claritin, but I still constantly have to clear my throat. Does anyone know what this is, or what I can do to make it go away?
I am allergic to my cats and i just learn to deal with it, because i love them. I get the same thing if i dont take my allergy medicine and mucinex. I take an allergy medicine (over the counter) Alavert and use with Mucinex (also over the counter) to clear your throat of phlem(mucus)...this is the best sure way, talk to a pharmacist to have them recomend a suitable allergy medicine...To me its important that i get non drowsy because i am very busy and it wouldnt be safe/wise to take an antehistime such as benedryl that has these side effects.If you do not take care of the post nasal drip, you may get bronchitis and have to see a doctor for antibiotics.I hope this helps! good luck and i hope you feel better soon :-)
Take some Sudafed.
Join the crowd. No joke put a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a full glass of water, drink two or three times a day, nasty, but eventually works. For that post nasal drip sore throat, good old salt water gargling. For stuffiness, eat something hot, horseradish will open up your passages. I'm not health nut, I smoke and drink, but this works if you give it a chance. Hope you feel better.
If you find a magic cure then I want it too.
I have had post nasal drip for 6 years now since my sinus cavity was torn during surhery having my wisdom teeth removed and I ended up with a sinus infection.
I have no cure however the below certainly help ease the symptoms:
:Zytec (antihistamine)
: Steam (vapouriser at night)
: Fez - saline flush
:Nasal sprays that contain steroid (however they make my nose bleed so don't use them unless have a cold.
You need an antihistimine (diphenhydramine is one, better known as benadryl) for your allergies and post nasal drip (aka runny nose). Runny nose is the body's way of secreting things that it reads as a toxin. Allergies are your body's over reaction to things that it doesn't like, so if your nose is running from it is trying to get pollen particles flushed out your nose via snot...also snot is a protective layer in the nose that traps these particles from getting any further along the path of your body. So not only is the body stopping the influx of allergens by trapping them, it is reversing the flow.With regard to wheezing, that usually is associated with asthma, like too much air passing over too little space. That needs other meds, if you have asthma. Wheezing, if it wasn't so spooky, would sound almost musical. If you are a smoker, or know someone who is, you know the smoker's cough, it is a rumbly wheeze but nothing ever comes of it, it is just a dry hack that isn't relieved by coughing. Quit smoking. My mother died making these kinds of noises from complications of emphysema, which is the condition of the lungs being permanently inflammed, not able to expand and contract, and you can't get oxygen anymore because the air sacs in your lungs are stuck.But if it is from mucus, you don't have a wheezy sound you have a rumbly sound, because the stuff is literally being moved around in your lungs or throat and with enough force you would cough it UP. To encourage this (which is called a productive cough) you need an expectorant...the most popular one is in the medicine Robitussin and the ingredient is guaifenesin. It loosens the mucus from your chest so it can be moved out with a good cough.

I have poison ivy, and I've had it for three days. Am I able to go to work?

I'm still very itchy, even after proper cleaning measurements.
You can go to work with poison ivy.just don't scratch it and then start touching things cause you can spread it that way. There is no reason anybody wouldn't be able to work with poison ivy.
No and have it treated, it can spread
no it can spread to other people
Oh I hate poison ivy. Its easily spread so if any of your co-workers is alergic, you may infect them. If your case is not too severe, take a cotton ball, dampen it with Clorox bleach and rum the infected areas well. Let dry naturally. This will get rid of the oils and dry up the condition. Wash well after a few hours to remove the Clorox.
You cannot spread poison ivy to anyone else unless the "oils" from the plant are still on your skin. The material that drains from the blisters cannot spread the poison ivy to anyone else, or to yourself. If your skin is nonintact from scratching, you may get a bacterial infection and spread it to someone else. Otherwise you can probably return to work. If you have significant redness, swelling, red streaks, heat, or large amounts of yellow fluid, you may need to see a physician as this may indicate an infection.

I have poisen ivey and I'm in a lot of pain and need help!?

This past wed i realized i had poisen ivey. It hurts, burns, and iches really bad. I need advice on how to heal it faster. If you guys know any at home tricks or medicine. I have already gotten a shot on saturday but its not helping. How to i keep it from spreadidng? Its really hard not to scrach. I NEED HELP!
sounds odd but, bleach on a cotton ball...put it on area...will dry it up within a day or I had it last week, and hubby told me to use bleach and it worked quick. I 1st tried clorox clean up, but nope, had to use straight bleach. Dried it right up.
oh that sucks. i had poison ivy once, but i can't remember what i did to get rid of it. sry
mix cornstarch with a little water and put it on the will feel cool...hope you feel better soon.
The remedy for ivy and nettle stings are rubbing Dock leaves on the sting, they are massive leaves.
If you know what aloe vera is (its a plant) Use that. Or you can also buy aloe vera gell at a store. Good luck and heal soon!
If you were exposed last Wednesday, it won't spread any more. Whatever skin was exposed should have a rash on it by now. But if it's really bad, it will still weep and ooze serum for awhile. You can try putting some of the creams on it. I had a bad case, and the doctor gave me a shot of steroids and a prescription steroidal cream. You can try an over-the-counter steroid cream from a pharmacy, or something like Ivarest cream. It has antihistamines and an analgesic to help soothe the itch. Ask for it at a pharmacy.
Some simple suggestions would be to apply cortisone cream to the affected areas. This will help the itching. Also, ibuprofen will help with the pain/discomfort. Be sure to talk with your doctor or pharmacist first before doing anything.
i can only tell u one thing that may help. try to do as less activity as possible. do not sweat! that will open the pores and spread it even more. then it will itch and burn more too. so u pretty much can be a bum all day.
okay ... this is going to sound really odd ... to cure poison ivy ... scratch it. Really.What you want to do is scratch open the blisters while you have it under warm running water. Poison Ivy spreads by the fluid that is in the blisters so if you can scratch the blisters and basically pop them the water can get inside of it and then wash it out. Break your blisters, use soap and water and wash out your wounds. Then make sure you change your bedsheets and maybe lycol the mattress to make sure you kill off the ivy that has popped and leaked onto your bed. I personally had a really bad case of ivy a few years back. I had it for weeks. I decided to just pop it all and wash it out and it was gone in days.
I can walk right thru that stuff and never get it., but every time my mom gets it I have to take her to an urgent care. She is highly allergic and has to take antibiotics along with steroids and Allegra. Works well for her. Just put some Calamine on it and go back to the doctor. **** luck.
my husband and daughter get pioson ivy and it makes them both VERY SICK. So i know what you are dealing with. First off, since you already have had the shot, i would call the doctor back and ask for a presctiption for the itchying. My husband was given some cream that really helped last time he fell ill. once you have broken out with the i understand it may seem like its is spreading, but really it is just other areas taking longer to show symptoms. If you know you are on the mend.. there is something made by band aid (i think) that will stop the itch it is in a clear squeeze type bottle, but if you have oozy runny sores call the doc because you don't want to get an infection on top of the posion ivy. The ooz isn't the ivy, it is your own bodies fluid trying to fight it off. But it can still be gross. if it isn't really oozy. Then some home remedies i use are a bath in baking soda, calamine lotion on the affected area, my husband swears by lathering bar soap on the afffected area and then letting it dry, and leaving the soap on the area. Also the doctor recemmended cortizone cream to help with the itch and healing one time. My household deals with many bouts of psoin ivy in the summer. from simply red bumps to toally ooziness. I hope you feel better soon because it does eventually get better!! Also to prevent getting in the future. if you think you have been in must bath ASAP, and our doc recommened using ivory dish doap for that shower as it breaks up any oils on your skin. ( i also try to give my hubby a benadryl after his decontamination shower.) because it is the oils from the plant which you are having a reaction to. Also any clothing you wore when you were exposed needs washed. i would recommend doing this before the shower, because until the clothes are washed, the residual oils can still cause a reaction. Also if pets have walked through the stuff they could also carry the oils which could cause reaction. Try to avoid if at all possible %26 if you don't know what poison ivy looks like make sure to google it %26 get some pics. Sorry you feel crappy, and i didn't mean to ramble so much!!

I have perleche aka angular cheilitis. I tried anti-fungal topical creams with no luck at all. What can I do

I drool at night (I know it's gross) but it has caused me to get perleche on the right side of my mouth. I have tried prescription anti-fungal creams with no luck at all. I have got the whole drooling thing under control now but it's been a month of applying the cream with no luck at all. Please help! THANKS!
Try to sleep more on your back, so that you don't drool.
Try Nizoral cream, applied 4 times a day for two weeks.

I have pain on my chest?

am 19 years old am 5`6" an weitgh 130 pounds and sometimes when am doing something i have this littes pain on my chest sometimes goes to the point that i can`t even breath and when i try to it hurts my left side close to the heart,one time i was on the shower and start to feel the pain and when i tryed to moved my right arm it hurts.
i haven`t been with a doctor yet.
is this could be relative with a heart attack?
you have pulled pectorial muscle.

I have pain in my throat when i this asthma related should i be seen by a doctor?

NOPE! I'ts not asthma related. I don't know how long how you been with this pain in your throat when you cough but this are just symptoms that you're getting sick of something. And "Yes" you should see a doctor right away before it gets worse. But don't wait for someone to tell you when or where do see a doctor. Its your health. Take care of your self.
When in doubt you should always seek medical attention. But asthma speaking? Unless you are having difficulty breathing it probably isn't asthma related. Do you have a productive cough? (meaning do you cough anything up when you do cough?) Do you have a fever? Might just be a viral infection or basic strep throat. Either way you should make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, rest and take care of yourself. Undoubtedly you will probably need an antibiotic, but don't pass it off as nothing if it continues, or if you begin feeling other symptoms. I hope you feel better! =D
if you cough a lot, it would stand to reason that it would hurt, coughing is not a normal activity. If you are coughing a lot, would see a doctor to find out why.
No its not asthma related I have asthma and that only happens when I have bronchitis. So no you are ok you don't have asthma.

I have pain in my stomach, i think is severe gas, what could it bet?

It could be just about anything since there is not alot to go on from the info you provided. If it is gas pain. lay on you stomach and roll back and forth and this will cause the gas to move within the GI tract so you can expell it. Have a good fart!
You may be lactose intolerant .. I am and didn't get it until I was in my mid - 20's after having my second c-section and third child. It took me a long time to figure out what was wrong but I also had other symptoms, that included many trips to the bathroom whenever I ate ice cream, or pizza or chocolate milk, or even small amounts of cheese. If you discover that is your prob there are otc prods you can get that may help you. They don't seem to help me. Dairy-Eze Lactaid and I soy based milk and cheese are acceptable substitutes if you find out that it your prob. Good Luck

I have oily skin wat can i do?

i have really bad skin and i have tried just about everything i dont know wat else to do please help me!!
Quit sweating!!
use lemon on your face and let it dry, then wash it off. it REALLY works and helps with complexion too!eat lots of fruits and vegetables... avoid salt and oily foods.. they make you look miserable!!
Ivory Bar Soap. Wash your face/body twice daily. Do not over wash and dry your skin out. This will make it worse. Do not use hair conditioners or moisture shampoos, these will get on your face/body and make more oil. Watch your diet.
Oily skin can really annoying, especially since it can cause breakouts. You should make sure to wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser. There are actually some natural things you can do to help. Check out for more tips and info.
That site has alot of info on stuff like that
Read tips on Skincare and more to help you on this site
An oily skin , as the name implies, is one in which the sebaceous or oil-producing glands are over active. As surface grease tends to attract dirt, an oily skin acquires a dirty surface film , that needs to be removed daily. For more details log to

I have noticed a small amount of bubbles in urine?

noticed a small amount of bubbles in urine. Had urinalysis about month ago ok. have had this for awhile. No other symptoms of kidney problems. Is small amt of protein in urine ok?. can exercise cause this? lost 35 lbs in 6 mos. are bubbles in urine always protein?
small amount of albumin in urine is normal..excessive exertion can cause rise in proteins in urine as a trauma to muscle tissue.. so exercise reasonably

I have notice a little color of yellow on my toenails, what could be the cause of this?

I notice that my toenails have a slight color of yellow to them. So my first instinct was to soak my feet. Once my feet were soak, yellow on my toenails were gone. Once I wore close toe shoes, my feet would sweat and I would have just a slight color of yellow appear on my toenails. PLEASE HELP!
atheletes feet its a fungus it comes from sweat or being in damp places
Fungus...see a Dr.
sounds like an oncoming of nail fungus..drop some bleach up under your nails %26 it will get rid of it before it gets too bad..takes several times of doing it..

I have not worked enough quarters to draw Social Security. I am 64 and have no health insurance. No help from?

Social Security says my husband makes too much money. Not so! He brings in only $250.00 weekly. I draw $554.00 monthly disability from the State of Oklahoma. Social Security says I can draw only $252.00 right now in SSI. I am only 64 and cannot draw full SS until I am 66 1/2 years old. If I accept the $252.00 it is for life. Anyone have any experience on this same subjects? My disabilty monthly checks will expire when I am 65. I am considering an attorney who specializes in Social Security denials.
Are you on ss because of retirement or disability? Why will your disability end at age 65? If you are receiving bc of disability your ss will continue so long as you continue to be disabled. SSI is received from the state not from federal ss. SSDI is from ss. If this is disability related you have to be disabled and unable to work for 6 months before full ss kicks in. And your husband does make too much. Unfortunatly that salary is above the poverty line, which is the guidline used for financial eligibility. Further question though, who is saying he makes too much, your state medicaid? SS?I would advise you to get an attorny. Most will offer consultation apts for free. Take in and all paperwork you have with you that relates to the case. Also, check ss's website. It is hard to navigate and understand, but it would be worth while to spend a few hours researching their website. Even with an attorny, it is good to know the info for yourself.
It doesn't matter who you hire to help you. When you turn 661/2 now, you'll automatically go on regular social security, that's the way it is. Until then you can only make a minimum wage until your 661/2 then you can make whatever you want and they'll still pay. Be careful and make sure you notify them if you do get more and don't report it, they'll come out and get it, one way or the other.
It's up to you weather you accept the $252.00 or wait, if you can make it, fine then wait, some people can't wait. It's the same for everyone. Your disability checks do not disappear, once again, you go on regular social security, that's all. Your wasting your money to hire an attorney, he'll get the same answers you will but, you'll have to pay him.

I have not found the answer to this concern i have.?

i have a concern about my boyfriend..he drinks a lot of water a day..probably more than 8 glases of water..but he doesn;t urinate that much only 2 times a this a serious problem?
Reduced urine output could mean, among other things, reduced kidney function. Does he go a lot each time? With the heat and humidity like it has been (depending on where you live), it probably isn't anything I would worry a lot about. He could have some simple blood work done to rule out a lot of things.
Yeah he should contact the Emergency Room and they can tell you what to do or call a doctor! If not it could leave to problems in the future for him.
Well it is hotter outside now so perhaps he needs that and/or is sweating it out.Also, if he is used to it he may not have to pee every 2 minutes.Have him talk to his Dr. about it at a yearly check-up.
Could be that he sweats or loses water by vapor (breathing),etc. Its a little weird, but maybe he just has a large bladder and doesn't feel the need to go any more frequently than he does. Ask him if you're concerned.
Is he swollen any hands and feet..If not he hold his water longer than he should..keeping urine in our bladders isn't good either...raises the chance of infection. Tell him to go more often.
That is very normal for a guy. Their bladder is much bigger than a woman's. My husband is the same way. Relax.
it can be. how old is he? has he had an MI? he should weigh himself at least once a week and if he gains five or more pounds he should see a doctor. if he gains two or more lbs in a day he should see a doctor.
If his urine is clear he's urinating it out.With the humidity he may just be cooling off.You might want to contact the Emergency room about that.
It seems like he may be diabetic. That is one of the main symptoms on diabetes.See if you can get him to go to a doctor and have himself checked out.
What type of work is he doing? If he is doing heavy work, work outside, excercise, etc. then he may be losing most of the water intake by sweating. If he appears healthy and feels well, I sure wouldn't worry about it.
Your boyfriend, he should be putting out about 5-pints (2.5 liters) of urine per day. if he's drinking alot of water, but is not putting it out...then its being retained somewhere. Where, that's a question that his doctor should be able to tell, by running some simple tests. Pay attention to other symptoms too. Such as: what color it is, if he has any pain before, during or after urinating, or he sweats alot or vomits or have diarrhea. A healthy adult may produce between about 1 and 4 pints of urine per day.

I have no more specific questions I just want to know what the heck is going on with me :-( ?

If you are a frequent visitor i am sure you have seen my a million questions over the past few weeks/months. in 2005 i tried to donate blood and got a two false positive on the HIV ELISA test and a neg. on the confirmatory.Well i just got tested for the first time since two weeks ago-- and I got the SAME results. i have done research and this is like .2% likely of ever happening. My doc called on tuesday- sounding severly worried- my boyfriend listen to the message and said the same thing-
I dont know whats going to happen next she is saying to get retested again- to see an HIV specialist and/or an infectious disease specialist?!Have you ever heard of anything like this? if so what the hell is going on with me? I just want to cry- on top of everything i have been fighting some sort of sickness for a few weeks now- achey- head aches- it is BAD! help me please :(
your'e not alone...i have a very rare blood virus that has only really ever been seen in monkeys (proof of evolution?) and some places in the caribbean. I only lived in the dominican republic for 5 years and i have it...i wasn't doing needles or dooing the dirty, i was im my preteens.yet i get it ...its called HTLV 2...back in the 80's HTLV 3 was considered HIV, and HTLV 1 was a virus that led to leukemic and neurological disorders.well HTLV 2 is really premature in its studies, nobody really knows what kind of diseases could flow from it .to tell you the truth i hate being in the middle..not knowing anything, so you're not alone
meanwhile stay happy =]

I have new mid abdominal pains i have GERD(gastric reflux)and have been taking nexium ne ideas what it could b

I have gastritis too. Its been 2months. I was on preacid for 30days. My doctor told me it would take a long time for it to heal. Stay away from foods like: dairy, caffeine, soda, coffee, fatty/greasy foods (no pizza or chinese), no Tomatoes! no fruit or juice, no OJ. Nothing acidic. Or else you'll be in pain. Trust me. Try Extra Virgin Pine Nut Oil. Its what i use to secrete my stomach lining. Take 2tsp 30-60min before your meal. And it will heal your lining. Give it 2-4wks and you'll be doing better.
call your doctor-might be an ulcer
Could be a pre-ulcerous sore in your stomach lining. I would contact your doctor and let speak to a nurse and let them know how you are feeling. You may need something other than Nexium for a week or so.

I have Neurofibromatosis dose any one have it?

I hi i am 18 and i have Neurofibromatosis. i think i have tipe 1 becuse i dont have it bad all i have is a lernig deasability, like 20 berth marks, really really smal bumps in random playses an i have had 2 tumers removd. i was wonderin if any one has Neurofibromatosis? and if so how bad or any good madicashon that helps?
I dont have it, but my best friend dose. Im so sorry to hear that u have that. Hope everything works out well, God Bless.

I have Neurofibromatosis dose any one have it?

I have Neurofibromatosis dose any one have it?
hi i am 18 and i have Neurofibromatosis. i think i have tipe 1 becuse i dont have it bad all i have is a lernig deasability, like 20 berth marks, really really smal bumps in random playses an i have had 2 tumers removd. i was wonderin if any one has Neurofibromatosis? and if so how bad or any good madicashon that helps?
I have it, and I have type one. I have had a few tumors removed. One on my right arm, when I was like 16 or 17. And then this passed Nov. I had a few removed from my spinal cord, two were crushing against it and if they weren't removed and might have woken up one day and not able to move.I have a large mass on my right leg, that is too big too remove and it pretty painful, pain medication helps a little. I can't stand for long periods of time and sometimes one of my legs will give out, but the good thing is I haven't fallen yet. I have a good amount of those birthmark things, mostly on my legs.So I wouldn't say I have a mild case, my doc is pretty concerned about my leg. And want to get me on test medication once it become available.I learned I had NF type one when I was 15, I'll be 24 in a couple of weeks. I was probably fine the first couple of years after finding out and after that, it kind of all went down hill from there. I can't even enjoy swimming in our swimming pool the way I used to.
Hope that your NF, doesn't get any worse.
I'm sorry, I don't have it. I hope you get well.
whats Neurofibromatosis?
nope, never heard of it, but it means something along the lines of brain fiber masses, that means theres tumors on your brain?
i think my cousin has that ummm i don't think hers is that bad either. i don't no of any medication that can help sre .ask ur doc.good luck
There is an organization that you might want to contact to locate support and find others with this disease:Neurofibromatosis, Inc. - national, tax-exempt, charitable organization whose mission is to create a community of support for those affected by NF through education, advocacy, coalitions, raising public awareness, and supporting research for treatments and a cure. Cure Project wishes to you.
Had a couple of patients with it. No cure. You can live a long and healthy life. Problems occur when the tumors grow in dangerous places: spinal cord, lungs, etc. Surgery is an option if they compromise your way of life. Good luck.
I do.Medication?? There's no cure for NF yet, unfortunatly.

I have Neurofibromatosis dose any one have it?

hi i am 18 and i have Neurofibromatosis. i think i have tipe 1 becuse i dont have it bad all i have is a lernig deasability, like 20 berth marks, really really smal bumps in random playses an i have had 2 tumers removd. i was wonderin if any one has Neurofibromatosis? and if so how bad or any good madicashon that helps?

I have nausea every morning and dizziness at times, I am not pregnant?

tubes tied! This has been going on for months:( I tryed to research the symptoms but all come back to pregnancy:( So I don't know the cause! Any help would be great! 26 year old female, I do have high blood pressure.
If you can borrow or buy a blood sugar monitor, try checking your blood could be hypoglycemic from not having eaten all night. Nausea and dizziness are among the list of symptoms for that problem. If your readings are less than 80 when you have those symptoms, you may have your cause. A snack before bedtime and/or eating a cracker at your bedside before you get up in the morning will hopefully resolve the problem. If not, you better check with your doctor.
Are you in distress of some kind? Or check out the ulcer. Upset stomach, stress, nervous, anxiety..those thing can do damage to your ulcer, too.Did you try EPT, just to double check you're not pregnant. Tube tied is not 100% garanteed.
it might be inter ear where you have fluid in the ears. Very painless just ask your doctor and you will probably just get antibiotic's but its worth going to the doctor about or you might have blood sugar problems


ok im 12 years old and i study at school 5 days a week 7:00a.m.-4:10p.m. what will i do to my mumps? how many days will i absent? pls help
you will have to be absent at least 2 or 3 days till they clear up. if you have an excuse the school wil let you make up the time you lost.
You will be absent as long as the swelling lasts, i.e. about 8 to 10 days. Do not eat hard and sour things. Eat soft foods like cereal. For fever, take Tylenol. It is a self- limited condition. You can not do much for it. it is infectious as long as the swelling lasts. Take rest.
Mumps can be serious. I don't think it matters how many days you miss. What is important is to not expose other people to it. There is a vaccine for it . No need for anyone to get that disease any more.
being the fact that Mumps is highly contagious you will be out of school at least until you are not contagious anymore (when you have no fever). Just make certain that your parents get a note from your doctor.
You need to be on antibiotics until you are no longer contagious. If not they may infect other parts of the lymphatic system, (think testicles) you were contageous before the fever and swelling started. You will be tired and need to rest. You can get your work to do at home in short sessions Here in Canada it has to be reported to the health department

I have MS. I'm currently on Rebif-Beta Interf'n. can barely walk. Are there any other drugs that can help?

I am finding out about other drugs on %26 off NHS but I have been offered no real help. I am at the end of my tether. I've heard about LDN and i'm looking in to it. I'm going to need a wheelchair soon if I carry on like this, I'm already needing a stick. Please send me as much info on these as possible. Thanks.
my auntie has had it for as long as i can remember and over last 6 years has become dependent on walking aids - can only go out on her scooter, walks round house with frame or stick. only thing that helps her these days is a joint which she never did before she was like this. she found out about new drug trials but was told it was a postcode lottery and she missed out. apparently they don't offer it more widespread coz of the cost however it actually costs less than to give a junkie methadone treatment which makes me mad. anyway try to keep on at your doc to get you on any trials or drugs that might help. In the meantime find yourself a decent marajuana dealer and try to keep your spirits up. All the best
I've been told that cannabis helps - there was a move a while back among people with MS to try and get it legalised for their condition.
Horrible disease - I have a friend who has to use a motorised scooter to get around and a cousin who was worse then went into remission and can now walk with just a slight limp.
Have you tried Avonex? My Aunt who has MS also, uses this. Its a weekly shot and she has had great results. As you know, with MS, you can have many exaserbations (sp?) so dont lose hope if you are having a hard time walking now- It may come back. Talk to you doctor about Avonex. Best to you.
hi i have ms and on my avonex, i always got in a oxygen chamber which really helps and take vitamin b and eat oilly fish and am bad on my legs too, i read in pathways that goat serum helps but its expensive, i wish i could help more but thats all i know sorry i hope u get something to help u and take care be postie its hard i know i want to know if u can have anything for fatigue i get so tired good luck and let u know if u find anything plz thanks
i also heard that cannabis helps, some one with ms told me this and he found it helped more than perscribed drugs
MonaVie juice has helped improve the quality of life in some MS patients. It would certainly be worth a trial since it does not have any negative side effects.
Have you investigated the possibility that you-like many other ms patients-have lyme disease? I am not saying you have it,but you might. If you want to look at the sites below,they may offer new treatments.
Hi I have Ms too but don't get any DMD's, I'd say have a chat with your MS nurse if you have one - it may be that another DMD would suit you better, or get your GP to refer you to the neuro to discuss it with him/her.You may meet the criteria for Tysabri - I've been told nothing but possibly chemo. But I'm still going to ask! You may already look at,, but if not there is plenty of info and pdf on treatmentd etc. Good luck!
Mr Bigs, as I've mentioned before Lymes is routinely tested for, as is Hughes. Somebody already prescribed DMD's has MS!
cannabis does help you may not agree .if you decide to try it it mite feel weird at first like sleepy but it wont hurt you you will get used to it.let me no how you get on

I have medi cal can I be tested for aids or hiv anywhere for free?

location san jose ca
Answer: in your zip code, and it'll bring up a list of clinics. Check under services and it will list the free ones.
Even without insurance, most county health departments offer free testing.
Any planned parenthood facility will do anonymous and usually free (I don't honestly know if there is a fee involved but they do take most insurances) testing for HIV/AIDS. If you are concerned, you can make an appointment. Good luck.
health clinic/ call/ the cdc hotline / they will give you locations / in your area
IN houston if you get tested for hiv you can attend a free concert with lil wayne kelly brroke valentine etc

I have marks on my arms like marks from pimples and its nearly my cousins wedding n i want clear armz help''!!

once my mum used sum lotion on my arms and it cauused itchy pimples and wen i scratched they became marks i need help''
mederma. it's a skin care lotion that is supposed to ease the appearance of scars. try that.
make up or long sleves
try whitening lotion
just wash your arms to get thaqt stuff out of your pores
it might be exema dont no how to spelll it though
Mix 1/4 cup sugar with 1/4 cup baby oil and gently rub it on your arm in a circular motion. After, apply a calming lotion (like eucerin calming). On the day of the wedding, use a small bit of conceler (1 shade lighter than your skin).
You will need a trip to the cosmetic counter at a good department store for some expensive concealer. They can do a great job of completely hiding the marks.
If the wedding is soon, I don't think the marks will go away fast enough, you will just have to cover it.
Clean %26 Clear Blemish Treatment works really well if you use it a lot during the day. If I have a bad blemish I put a little dab on it every couple of hours and its usually gone in a couple days. If it's not gone by the wedding then put some make up over them, but most likely that stuff will clear it up pretty fast. Good luck.
i got the same thing its called post pimple marks and you can have thm nywhere. best hting to do is use some cream for marks go to ur department store or pharmacy and get something .
try wearing arm socks with a nice low cut strapless dress...u might get them in a good boutique
calimine lotion will dry them out and stop them from itching
consult a homeopath.
not to worry cut raw potatoes gently rub in the affected parts ,see the difference in weeks and enjoy ur cousins wedding

I have major ezema skin problems. Now I have dark scars and blood under my thighs and one on my arm?

So I have had realy sensitive skin since I was born. I guess I itch in my sleep and since i'm tan I get weird color scars almost like a dark brown color and they don't stop itching no matter what kind of ointment I put on them. So if any of you know please let me know. Thanks
Did you consider that you might be allergic to something? I've had eczema all my life and at the age of 20 I finally figured out it was linked to allergies. In my case, the main culprit was wool. Try eliminating wool from your wardrobe and using fragrance and dye free detergents/deodorants/soaps and other products to see if it helps. It did wonders for me!By the way, I tried all kinds of skin products and none of them worked very well. I liked Eucarin the best. It has an emollient that's supposed to be really good for eczema, but honestly my skin still itched when I used it. There's also a prescription drug called Elidel that suppresses your immune system right under your skin to stop the itching. It helped me for a while, but I stopped using it once they discovered it caused cancer in children.
Itching can be caused by insect bites like mosquito bites, heat rashes or allergic reactions.Aloe vera gel , apple cider vinegar or vitamin E oil can be effectively used on the affected skin. More cheap and natural remedies for itching at
Ask your dermatologist if Protopic would be a good solution. It took care of the issue for me.
I babysit for a little boy who has these similar problems. The Dr. prescribed him cortisone cream. Not over the counter strength. Also when my son was little he had cancer and the chemo he went through caused him some skin problems. The Dr. prescribed again the cortisone cream, I'm thinking it was 1%, but they had us buy some Eurecerin cream (spelling may be off a little) from the store, it is a little pricey, not too bad considering the alternative and mix the two together and it worked wonders. If your problem continues I would definetly try to set something up with a dermotologist. You don't want to scar your whole body up. One more thing that may help is wearing sunscreen, I know that seems trivial, but every little bit helps. I'm so sorry I can't be more helpful.

I have Lupus. How can the NHS help me?

I will be travelling to London soon to study there. I have Lupus and was wondering how well equipped is the NHS to help patients with Lupus? What about the medications? Some acquaintance suggested that you only have to pay a maximum of 6 pounds per prescription? Does NHS recall patients with Lupus for regular checkups?
There is a Systemic Lupus support group - I hope you have been told about this and joined because they will keep you up to date about the disease.
I am lucky to have just Discoid Lupus but a close friend has the full-blown Systemic. Her care from the NHS has been first-class both at home and when she has been in other parts of the UK.
Make sure you register with a GP and keep him/her informed of any changes in your condition. He will probably stay in touch with your Consultant and change your medication as and when necessary. There are some very dedicated G.P.S and Consultants who have Lupus as a Speciality.
It's free, so there should be no problem
My friend has Lupus and she gets a lot of help and understanding from the N.H.S.
You will need to register with a local doctor (GP) and speak to him/her about how your Lupus affects you.
Regular medication does cost over 拢6 an item but if you are going to be here for long enough then you can ask the doctor for a "Pre Payment" certificate. This costs about 拢100 a year and you don't have to pay any more money; no matter how many items you get each month.
Good luck with your studies; pleased to see you are not letting Lupus get you down.
Please take a medical insurance where ever you are travelling as this will save on time %26 money and see to it that the insurance you are taking is valid in the country you are travelling and also that you have to only submit your insurance cover for the admission in that hospital or doctor and not pay immediately.If you need further assistance kindly contact me,Regards.
Try the link below hope i helped

I have lung cancer.Is there pain with lung cancer?

I'm am 46 and recently diagnosed with lung cancer in my lft. lung.I have pain in my upprer left side of my back.Also most of my bones and joints hurt.Could this be connected to the cancer?Its not that far along but,it still hurts.exspecially when I breath.I've never had an injury to the left side of my back and its hurt for awhile now.I have penty of web sites on cancer . I would just like an answer concerning pain
Typically lung CA pain is in the back, and yes cancer in general can be painful. Most of the pain is caused by tumours pressing on the surrounding areas.
For the rude answer about preventing it, just because someone may or may not have smoked, NEVER means someone deserves cancer.
Sure you are going to have pain. Lung Cancer is horrible and you should have prevented it..if you smoked you should have STOPPED. Its gonna be painful...but not much you can do.
yes, it will be painful. The aches you feel are a part of the cancer. Make sure to tell your dr bc they can help with the pain and also make sure to ask if it has spread. Best WishesETA: Above poster, that wasnt very nice. Perhaps you should google empathy. Whats done is done and cant be changed. People cant change their past but they can manage and deal with the future as best to their ability. It was caught early and hopefully will not metastasize.
She did not say that she smoked. Non-smokers also get lung cancer, it is good that it was caught early. this is the most treatable phase.
Do you have a church to pray for you, my sister in law got skin cancer, and it spread, all the people praying for her helped as she is now cancer free. if you have never been a church going lady, now is the time to start, im going to start praying every night for you, i know several people with cancer, and now your on my list. Amen.

I have low low iron in my blood, does black pudding help me ?

Not sure if it would help your iron levels but it is full of saturated fats so it may increase your cholesteral in the long run. Speak to your doctor, they may want to prescribe some iron tablets. folic acid...Other than that eat... spinach, broccoli... etc
Ask it.
sugar it's not good for you. To increase your blood iron eat foods that contain iron, such as broccoli, spinach, and all dark green leaves. Good luck!
u should try to increase ur iron level loadz of spinach and green vegetables it'll increase ur iron level...also eat pomegrant it'll increase ur iron level
I understand it is full of iron so it should certainly help. You should also consider eating the foods that help you absorb iron, I think fresh orange juice is one and avoiding foods that stop you absorbing it such as tea and coffee
Yes black pudding is full of iron. Also it is already in the 'haem' state and more readily available than plant sources.
no protein has a lot of iron in it so eat more meat. you can also take vitamins to help raise the level.

I have low low iron in my blood, does black pudding help me ?

Black pudding is made from pig's blood, and is quite high in saturated fat. There are better ways to get your iron - red meat, eggs, shellfish and any green leafy veg. Liver is one of the best sources of iron, and a complete protein. however, it's high in cholesterol, so avoid it if you're on a low cholesterol diet. Chick peas, lentils, sardines, adzuki and haricot beans are also good.
green leafy veg and red meat are high iron.
i have had lots of low iron problems and increasing my red meat intake and drinking vegetable juice with spinach and other vegetables fixes the problem for me every time. Take vitamin c with a meal too as it will help your body absorb iron from the food.
Yes black pudding is full of iron. Also it is already in the 'haem' state and more readily available than plant sources.

I have low blood presure 85 with 65 so what should i eat to fix this problem and i feel wek?

You should see your doc. Most people son't run less than 100/60 at the lowest so your a bit low. As far as eating something, drink lots of fluids and see your doc asap. You might have something more serious going on internally that you aren't aware of.
drink lots and go to GP for check up. Eat good healthy fruit and veg and drink water ++
salt will rase blood presure
Unless you are on dialysis or similar treatment you have a big problem. If you know your stats; you must of been to a doctor. Do has they tell you.
Normally one take sweet drinks to boost your sugar level to give you some energy. Make sure that you are not diabetic.
Drinking anything, especially with caffeine in it, will raise your blood pressure. Eating anything (especially salty food) will raise it also, but not as much as drinking.
Make sure any doctor that you see knows you have low blood pressure. It may mean you have something else besides just the low blood pressure that can be easily treated.
Do you mean blood sugar, or blood pressure?? Eating will not raise your blood pressure to a normal level. And this is something you need to discuss with your doctor. What is considered a "normal" blood pressure doesn't mean the same for everyone. I have taken care of many patients who are over all very healthy and have a blood pressure similar. For them it is normal. The key is if you are having symptoms from your pressure being low. For you feel dizzy when you change positions or stand up too quit? Be careful listening to free often get what you pay for. Go to the doctor and let him decide if it's a problem.
Do you drink water? Thats one thing that helps bring up your bp. also foods rich in iron, like dark green or red vegies, egg yolks, red meat...a little salt.
Low BP is healthy and reduces your stroke risk to lower than average. There are no managements for it and the only symptom it gives is occasional lightheadedness on rapid posture change.
The treatment for hypotension depends on its cause. Asymptomatic hypotension in healthy people usually does not require treatment. Severe hypotension needs to be aggressively treated because blood flow to critical organs including the brain, heart and kidneys may cause organ failure and can ultimately lead to death. Treatment options include systemic vasoconstrictors and other drugs.
Please see the web pages for more details on Hypotension.
i have the same problem . i found out that chicken broth works fast. just heat it up until it is warm and drink it as fast as you can. i found this trick out when i was on dialysis.
It depends on the cause of it but if you're like me then drs just say 'your bp is so good!' no sympathy for me nearly passing out when I get out of bed in the mornings. Try a multivitamin with iron as it could be anaemia - helps me a bit but not found anything that totally works yet :( xxx
i have diabetes and they have told me at the renal clinic that my blood pressure should be 130 0ver 65 which is quite low, they say that when you are diabetic it is much better for your blood pressure to be as low as possible
GO see your GP this is not normal a low blood pressure will make you feel weak and light headed, rest and drink pleny of fluids in the meantime.

I have lots of small bumps under my skin around my chin, occasionally they turn into spots, how can i get rid?

Hi!Try using a mild facial scrub every day. There are lots to chose from, but i would recommend trying "Dermalogica".This will get rid of dead skin cells, which block your pores, causing spots.When you wash your face you could try using a medicated facial wash too. Again - there are lots to chose from and they needn't be expensive.Finally, at night, try using a medicated cream in the area to unblock the pores while you sleep. Alternatively, retin A cream is great for this.If you are unsure of what cream to use, ask a pharmacist or your doctor.Good luck!Oh by the way, Pro-Active have a good range too.
What,rid of the spots or your chin?
They could be hives. Perhaps you're allergic to something you're eating, something in your environment or to hot weather. I get prickley heat, which is bumps on my skin that are really itchy - no matter what lotion or how much I use. I've never had them around my chin. You should see a doctor or dermatologist to be safe if they continue.
Dont rub alcahol on them, it will only end in disaster because it creates spots and blemishes where the bumps were. Take a rag and put it in hot water then ring it out and place it where the bumps are. If that doesn't work get a cleanser, you probably just have a dirt build up, or it could be soda, chocolate and other fatty foods that aren't good for you. Changing your diet works and also Proactiv.
its probably a rash.
those small bumps are acne in an early stage and they can get worse over time try pro active or if you dont want to pay alot get some astringent and apply it to your face after every shower otherwise they are really hard to get rid of
i get the too. it's just spots. if you put cream or spot stuff on your skin it may be alergic (it wont though) just gently wash your face i get them on my chin and my forehead
so dampen it a don't rub your face dab it okay. they do go and occasioinally come back sorry.xxtr wipes or the doctors and see what they say about spot stuff okay!=]-x-good luck
squeeeeeeze !!
You may not believe this BUT most chin 'bumps' are caused by resting your chin in your hand. Keep your hands off your face, keep your face clean and watch it get better.

I have little white dots on my arms what could they be?

there flat not raised
The truth is there are several things this can be so the first step would be to see a dermatologist to find out an exact diagnosis. Treatment without knowing a diagnosis would not be wise and may not work. That being said, here are some things it could be:
1.tinea versicolor - which can be treated with anti-fungal creams or the daily use of a selenium based shampoo. It takes a long time to clear, and may return, but can eventually be controlled.
2. an irritation - can be caused by constant sun exposure, skin degeneration or aging
3. or other causes

I have little things on my head and i keep itching them?

they r lyke scabs and i keep itching them does any body no how 2 get rid of them
It may be eczema. Try putting a mixture of witch hazel, tea tree oil and lemon juice on them. This will dry them up and also eliminate any bacteria. Stop scratching too! If the problem is that they are dry, and this is why they might itch, try aloe. It is best if the aloe is pure and not mixed with alcohol. This will also help if it is eczema. As someone above suggested it may be lice, if that's the case, cover your head in mayo and a plastic bag and let it sit for a half hour... that'll kill them!
this sounds like it may be folliculitis or seborrhic dermatitis ... you need to buy a shampoo that is for dandruff and depending on whether your hair/scalp is oily or dry, choose a shampoo containing pyrithione zinc (usually better for dry hair, and many contain all-in-one conditioners) or one with salicylic acid (2% to 3%) for oily hair. The scabs are likely just folliculitis (infection and inflammation of hair shaft) due to the underlying seborrhic dermatitis. Regular use of the shampoo will help prevent recurrence. You can treat the scabs that are there with small amounts of antibioitic cream or ointment at night to get rid of the isolated spots. If they don't go away in a few days after changing shampoo and using the antibiotic ointment/cream, then go see a doctor.
Not to scare you but it may be lice. Lice cause bumps that look like bug bites because they are parasites. Look for little white eggs or nits.
they itch therefore you scratch. You cant Itch an Itch but you can scratch.
Try a ZNP bar to shampoo your hair with. I know using a bar to get your shampoo is strange but it works! This is for Seboric Dermatitis. Go to a skin doc also.

I have like ringworms all over my body what do i do?

i have like this wierd thing all over my body and it's kind of nasty and im using this stuff to take it off but it wont work its called Lamisil.
Um... if you mean "tinea corporis," then I had that too. You need to take hot showers with a loofah (a scruffy sponge thingy) and apply Lamisil (or a similar foot fungus medication) to *every* affected area. It's going to take over a month of continued application. And yeah, you'll be buying a lot of Lamisil.There's also pills that will take care of that fungal problem. The downsides to the pills is that they can be terrible to your liver. And if you drink alcohol, you'll basically be kicking your liver in the nuts repeatedly.The fungus feeds on fat on your skin, so if you lower your body fat content it will help somewhat. It also wouldn't hurt to see a dermatologist.
Go see your doctor for prescription-strength medicine specifically designed to treat whatever you have.
Best thing to do is to go see a doctor if the Lamisil is not working go see a doctor or other wise you're going to get a infection on your skin and that wont look pretty at all. Trust me go see a doctor.
If it is ringworm..Lamisil should get rid of it.
Ive had ring worm numerous times from football . and lamisil worked for me.
If it doesn't work after 2 weeks..i'd go see a doctor and have him prescribe you something for it
or if u want it to go away right away..just go to the doctor for a prescription
Lamasil is athletes foot med. no for ringworms..the only way to treat ringworms is to get an anti-fungil cream perscribed to you. Also, avoid itching them. To help with this, you can take over-the-counter benedryl.
Just last year my 8yr old daughter had an outbreak of what looked like ringworm all over her body. It started out like little red blotchy marks then turned into circles red on the outside whitish on the inside. I took her to the dr. and he said it was a type of fungus infection, comparable to ringworm. I told him that the week prior she had gone camping w/ realtives and went swimming in the lake there. He said that may have been where she picked it up. My daughter was prescribed a very strong medicated cream (steroid) to rub on the infected areas. First week no change. After going back to the Dr. he prescribed another medication, said to be even stronger. It did in the end do the trick however she has scars from the strength of the medication and the sores.
My advice if the Lamisil you're using isn't working go to the DR.
my kids got it from school,it was going around.Since ring-worms are a fungus you need to apply a anti-fungal, go to the store and get Tinactin, try to get the spray it stays on easier ,apply 4 times a day in about a week u should see results,IF areas start getting infected go to DR as this could cause scarring and it can get real bad,also remember cats and dogs can get it too.

I have like a Pimple without the puss!?

So on my cheek.
I have like a bump, a red bump.
It's tiny.
The ones that look like when ur getting pimple.
But it has no puss.
I think it's waiting to happen.but i have a party tommorrow.
so i don't want a pimple on my face.
how can i get rid of it tonight.and i'm not going to go buy any products.
i'm staying home tonight.
so, if i have to use any materials, it has to be like home materials.
take part real lemon juice, and part water and dab it on your face before you go to sleep. It will get rid of some of the redness. Then before you go to the party, put some ice on it to bring down the swelling.
Toothpaste! First, spray perfume on it (yes, any kind), and then put a dash of toothpaste on the spot. Sleep wiht the toothpaste on your face. i swear it works.

I have kronhs disease and I am planning to start taking protein supplements.?

I am planning on taking whey protein. Will this be okay or not?
You need to learn how to spell it. It's "Crohn's" disease.You should be asking your doctor this question. No one here knows your condition and what exact problems/flare-ups/surgeries you have had.
talk to your doc before taking supplements.its best to use actual food...if you can keep it in
Crohns is a touchy one. Best to consult dietitian(registered) or physician.
Why would you want to jepordize your health by asking the general public a question that should be asked of your physician. I worked for a gastroenterologist for years and this is nothing to play with. Eat what you are told to eat by a licensed dietician and add supplements only if approved by your physician. And learn to spell your disease. After all, you have it, not us.
please visit this site you can get good answers about your all questions. Get Well Soon!! May God Bless You!

I have kind of black ingrown pimple like things on my legs dont know what to do with them ?

plz help they are nasty
either an ingrown hair ()likely if you have recently shaved) or a black head...squeeze the "black pimple", if it comes out in chunky black bits it's a blackhead...if watery it's a ingrown can get special treatment oils/cream/lotions for both.tea tree oil is good, tho lightly painful on aplication
go to a dermy/ sounds to me like you have psoriasis, so you need some meds.
go on web md or google pics of skin problems I think you will be able to find the problem.

I have kidney disease what does the future hold for me?

I have kidney disease what does the future hold for me? Also are there any new developments in this field?
it depends what kind of kidney disease you have. i had total kidney failure due to diabetes. i went on dialysis and got on the transplant list. after15 months of being on the list i got a new kidney and it works great.
nephrologists ,-should be able to put you on meds that will help retain you functioning kidneys ,dialysis is the worst case scenario-but thats when you go into end stage renal disease
Kidneys have the unenviable task of filtering out unwanted substances and fluid from the blood to produce urine. There are number of things that can go wrong with them. This was once the end of the road for most people but with the incredible advances in medicine most kidney problems do not have to be lethal and there an awful lot of people walking around out there who survived kidney complaints which would once have killed them. The good news is that, nowadays we have home testing kits available today which constantly keeps you informed about the status of the disease, so that you don鈥檛 let them go out of control. To read more about these, check the following link
Which one do you have?The future would depend on which one it is, how they are functioning right now, and how old you are.Some are slow to progress in some people, others can result in kidney failure rapidly. Generally, the better your kidney function tests are right now, the better your outcome.Talk to your nephrologist. Best of luck to you.
While the future is unpredictable, it can be shaped by your response to this situation and the actions you take. There may some challenges but here are a few suggestions on how to minimize the effects of kidney disease:
- Limit dairy products and red meats
- Increase consumption of fruits, vegetables, and grains
- Drink lots of water everyday
- Exercise regularly
- Detox at least twice per year.
- Have regular medical check upsIf you implement these simple suggestions into your daily life you will minimize, and possibly reverse some of the negative effects of kidney disease and have a healthier, happier life. In addition to the suggestions above I want to add - PRAYER! If you trust in God, He will help you. To find out more about kidney disease check out the website below. I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous future. God bless!

I have just had poison IVY on my lower legs and I can't get it to heal. Any ideas?

The poison IVY is gone now, but all of the marks it left are still there and fresh. I have had them for three weeks and they won't heal. I have never had this problem before, and I am not a diabetic. I have thought about taking vitamins, but which ones would help? Is there a healing lotion that would speed up healing? Anyone have any other ideas?
Get yourself a bottle of cheap vodka and wash the affected area, it works like a charm. ... No I am not Russian.
I get poison ivy all the time and I have to take steroids to get rid of them. Yes, the ivy leaves red marks and they take a long time to go away. Usually the entire summer. But don't worry they will eventually go away. Be patient
rub aloe plant on it alot. (rub the jelly from the inside of the aloe plant). n if u hav marks left from them then just rub vitamin E n cocoa/shea butter i 4got which butter it is. i think it's the cocoa butter.

I have just found out I have Endometriosis and Polycystic ovary syndrome, should i be worried?

I am married and do want children. I went to the doctor because I am having bad pains in and around my ovaries. They said I have PCOS and Endo. They have not decided my treatments yet. I am on meds now to help with the Endo and after a month I will find out if they are going to do surgrey and put me on horomone treatment. I am not really worried, I mean I am glad that they know what it is that is wrong with me. they say I should have a child within 5 years because I will most likely not be able to after that. I just found out. I have told my aunt because she knows I went to find out what is wrong and my husband and two friends. They brushed it off like it is nothing. I mean is it, I have to be on meds and have a few surgeries, i have to have a child or children within 5 years, that is not a big deal right? If that is so why do I feel like I am broken, like I am not a whole women, why do I feel like I need a hug or a good cry?
I have those diagnosis too, and a non-functioning ovary. I found out at age 14. The doctor told me as long as I have children before the age of 27, that I would be ok. Anything after 27, and the fertility drops by 40%, having one functioning ovary, and losing 40% will make it really hard to get pregnant. My Gynecologist and endocrinologist put me on birth control pills immediately to treat it hormonally. As long as I stay on them, I don't have any problems with it. I also have a pelvic ultrasound every year to check up on it.Honey, it is ok to feel upset about it. I was devastated for a while, I was afraid I would never have babies and that the disease would progress out of control and everything. But since I stay on top of it, it has not been progressing very much at all. You are going to want to monitor your insulin levels. People with PCOS are at a high risk for Type 2 Diabetes. PCOS also makes you at risk for weight gain because of the elevated insulin. Staying on top of your weight, and watching your carbs will keep the type 2 at bay. As for pregnancy, my doctor held a study on people with PCOS having problems getting pregnant; she treated them with Glucophage, an insulin controlling/reducing drug; it has a weird way of knocking the cysts right off the ovaries and getting the system back online, cycles even get completely regular while on it. 9 out of 10 of these women in my doctor's study got pregnant on Glucophage. Glucophage is pregnancy-friendly, so it is ok to get pregnant on it and to stay on it if needed. This drug is why I am not worried about having children. Good luck, and contact me if you need anything...
Your family may be reacting like that so as not to worry you, but you should make them aware of your concern so that they can give you the comfort you need.
After my child was born, I was diagnoised with endometriosis and they did not seemed concerened at all. So far I haven't had any problems and meds and surgery were not discussed. I guess there are different degrees of it? Can you get a second opionion to see if they think your case is bad enough to be on meds or surgery? Some OB/GYN's are alarmist. If you on google, I bet you could find information and support on a endometrisis website. I hope everything goes well. Good luck.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I have just been registered partialy blind, what help can i expect , will i still have to pay tv licence, , ,l

also i am diabetic on insulin %26 dont want nurses in daily are there special needles i can use ? how will i know what number im cooking on ? I am already cat 2 disabled, hope someone can help %26 advise thank you.
My late father was in the same position,seek help from your local social services,they will put you in touch with the right people who can inform you of all your entitlements due to you because of your sight problems,as for the diabetes,I'm a little surprised that your Doctor and the people at the clinic haven't advised you on this.Just remember,there are a lot of helpful people out there,you have to seek the help on your own initially.Best of luck to you
Hi! Use stickers that have like a bump on them so you can feel them were the numbers are at on the stove. Hope this helps God Bless
Sorry to hear that. As you can clearly still manage with the Internet, I'd take a look at the RNIB's website here: that helps
Well you can get a blood meter that speaks out the numbers and you can listen for the clicks on your insulin pens so should be able to do it all yourself as long as you are comfortable with that. You should be able to get your tv licence half price even if you live with fully sighted people! Sorry to hear that you've gone blind but I've no doubt you'll adapt and there's a lot of support available now. Good luck xxxx
You can get a special magnifying glass, from the visual impairment team, and a box with a yellow button, When you press the button it will tell you the time, and a special lamp that will help you to read, with your magnifying glass. You also get a machine that will play CD's in the form of stories, which will be sent to by the blind, and when you are finished the story send it back and they will send you more. free postage anything else I can tell you let me know.
try and find rnib site it will give you all info you need ( thats uk info) cookers etc can be fitted to suit your needs do not have to pay for licence you should be seeking advice from experts

I have just been diagnosed with a "narrowing" at the base of my brain. a ct angiogram has been scheduled.

can anyone explain what happens during this procedure. what causes this narrowing, what the treatment process will be, and should i be scared?
Here is a link that may help answer your questions and you should not be scared, God is with you mom.Lots of Love
God Bless
Sorry, never heard of your condition. Does it cause any problems for you, or is some doctor just making money off performing the test?
I am concerned that you have been given limited information and obviously not "fully informed". Before you consent to any treatment or procedure it is important to fully understand what to expect. Explanations should be given in easy to understand language without medical jargon. Explanations from other people can lead to misunderstanding and anxiety. Because all physicians perform procedures differently it would be better to contact your physician ASAP and get a clear explanation from him as he knows exactly what his procedure involves. Wishing you well.

I have irritation on my ears?

I've been using my earphones to listen to music on my cellphone (the irritiation is in the same place where I put my earphones). Could those have caused, in any way, the irritation on my ears?
The earphones themselves can't be the cause. Plastic doesn't react with the skin. It is most likely the poor ventilation that caused the irritation.
Earphones, naaaa
Reread your question. You already answered it yourself.
It's possible you are allergic to whatever the earphones are made of.
yes, they could have , just like if you wear shoes and socks and walk alot you get blisters - a irritation- basically, if you do anything to much, you can have a sore spot that eventually will turn into a problem, if i was you i would stop using the head phones for a while, and take a break from that , and then your ears will have no more pain
Sure. The best way to rule this out is to stop using the ear buds for a few days, altogether.
Its not your earphones! Its the really really bad music you listen to!! No, wait its also the earphones!! wipe them down with alcohol before you put them in your ears.
If thy ear offend thee,cut it off. It is better to cut thy ear off ,than to put thy ear through the eye of thy needle.

I have irregular bowel movements, taking Trifala.?

since many years i am having this problem. even if i dont pass stool for one day i feel diet consist of plenty of fibre, regular exercise.sometimes i pass very hard stool,i take glass of hot milk at nite an dTrifala twice a day.
I have worked shift work for 25 years, and when I first started I had terrible bowel problems. But one day I just decided I had to become regular so I literally trained myself to be regular. I did not allow myself to sit on the commode unless it was 7:00 AM (no matter what shift I was on). It took a few weeks, but it worked. For twenty years I've been going at 7:00AM unless I'm sick or something. Good luck.
Maybe your trying too hard. Seriously if u feel normal what the hell is the problem.
BTW this is really gross IMO.
Try drinking orange juice or fruit ( cantaloupe) in the morning.
Snack on pitted prunes, they help.
The milk you're drinking is keeping you constipated.Good luck!!
theres something you can take which will soften stool
its called: Duphalacthere's also Aloe Vera juice you can drink to help with bowel problemshope you get better :)
i did have same problem so many years.i finaly find the solution. take 2 tablet vitamin c morning and evening total 4 tablets. and 1 glas of water before you go to bad and morning when you wake up. fibers ,milk didnt help. try vitamin c
take kailas jeevan with grounded sugar half an hour before bed time for minimum one month it is available in the medicine shops .read the leaflet carefully
Surprising to hear about your obstinate constipation. Try Issopgoal husk, it is quite potent and is not habit-forming. It is available in the market. Another useful tip, food prepared in mustard oil is quite laxative. In fresh fruit, Pappaya (papita) is of help in addition to Chukandar (Red beetroot)..
Irregular bowel movement for u may be normal for somebody else. Many people have movements once in 2 -3 dont worry about the frequency.
If the hard stools trouble u, cause pain, then see a gastrenterologist surgeon.
Do try decreasing intake of Triphala, as twice daily seems to have no effect on u %26 see if u get relief with a combination of HARDA, TRIPHALA, ISABGOL, etc. ( SOFTOVAC powder e.g.) .

I have insomnia really bad.sleep about 5 hours a week.?

and my eyes are really sunken in..but i noticed that now even when i do sleep... my eyes dont come out instead they seem to sink in more....y is it because im only sleeping 1-2 hours at a time?
Seriously dude. You've asked this question about 10 times already. Along with your repetitive questions about herbs, you really got to get a life.Before anyone gives me thumbs down look at this guys profile and see how many resolved questions he had on this same exact topic
I'd stop doing so much meth
Yes your eyes could be sunken because you are only sleeping 1-2 hours at a time; also it would happen if you are underweight or losing weight.
I really hope you are working on improving your sleeping habits. Your sleep schedule sounds very unhealthy. I have read that sleep deprivation can cause the loss of brain cells. Are you happy? I would be very depressed if I got such a small amount of rest. Please seek help for this dangerous lifestyle habit! (Albert Einstein slept 10 hours per night)

I have hypothyroidism.It is out of whack.My GP has my medications increase ? my ankles are swollen,?

My ankles are swollen,my family doctor saids that it all stems from the problems with my thyroid.Is this possible.
Yes. The functions of the thyroid hormones includes mitochondrial function, muscle and nerve activity, blood flow, and oxygen utilization. This means that you can have joint pain, poor muscle tone, weight gain, etc.If the increased medication does not help with the swelling of the ankles, you should consult with your doctor again. If you are uncomfortable with his diagnosis, you should seek a second opinion. Your doctor should be someone you trust!
Sure can be from your hypothyroidism. I didn't get rid of the access fluid until I switched to Armour and got my free t4 midrange and my free t3 high in range.

I have hypothyroidism and I am taking eltroxin...?

is it possible that my dosage isn't effective because even though I am on a diet I am still struggling to lose the weight?
Depends how long you have been on it, it takes about 3 weeks to kick in. My daughter used her condition to help loose weight by not having the correct medication, now she is at risk of a heart attack. Hypothyroidism has more serious issues related to it than weight. The only person who can help is your doctor.
Have a blood test
In addition to eltroxin , you may try the homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carb. 30 taken few pills 3-4 times a day for a month. If it makes you feel better, then you can try Calcarea Carb. 200 taken once a day for a a fortnight and then Calcarea Carb. IM once a week for 4 weeks.
I also have hypothyroidism and I am also taking eltroxin 0.1mg.
You didn't tell me your dosage..
BUT it takes about 3 to 4 week to be in your blood stream
and then another blood test must tell you if the dosage you are
taking is meeting the normal values on the T3 T4 and T7.
Your doctor, when result are presented to him will then
titrate your medication, slowly until you start to feel better...
The medfication alone will not work as a diet must
eat less and right, and you also must exercise..
Yes, it is possible that you aren't on enough medication. Most likely your doctor is adjusting the dosage by TSH. TSH must always be done first thing in the morning to get the most accurate reading. Also, the morning TSH needs to be around 1.0 for weight loss to happen with diet %26 exercise.

I have history of frequent UTI's, over the last 2 yrs, every 6-8 weeks, who should i consult after PCP?

Otherwise, i am a healthy woman, i did consult a urologist once last year, he just suggested making changes to my diet (low acidic foods-no red sauce, etc...) what to do??
Aside from the obvious things:
Wiping front to back, urinating after intercourse, no pops or bubble baths you should drink two 8 oz glasses of cranberry juice a day. It prevents the bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall. You also could speak to your physician about putting you on a medication like Oxybutin Chloride or you may need a antibiotic daily. I suggest you find a different urologist if that one is not willing to work with you.
While you have the uti's you can take pyridium until you can get to the doctor and for the first few days while on your antibiotic. It can be purchased over the counter but will turn your urine yellow or orange. Also, Cystex is wonderful otc drug also to help with uti's. You can take it after activities that might lead to the uti, ie: intercourse. Good Luck.
I'd recommend seeing another urologist. There has to be a greater problem here than just dietary issues.
I suggest you see an internist or other urologist. Diet also contribute to that. Drink plenty of water every day at least 2 liters or drink buko juice.
I would go to your OBGYN and see what that doc says. Then if you still aren't happy with the answers see another urologist from a different office. You are allowed to get second opinions. The basic rule of health is, it is your body and you need to know what is going on. If your insurance is an issue call them, be very clear what your issue is, and be patient. Explain that your situation, ask what they suggest you do. It may take time but work their system. The further you go up the food chain (or ladder) the more likely you are to get the approvals you need. Good luck.

I have high cholesterol and I'm starving?

About Two weeks ago i went to the doctor. He told me that i have High Cholesterol.. And that i can't eat Red Meats. I've been eating nothing but fish, Salmon, nuts, Fruit. vegs. and i'm sick of it!. I'm a big red meat eater. I dunno what to eat. In top of that i'm taking antibiotics therefore i have to eat 4! Times a day so i can take that pill. I go to the gym everyday. I quit smoking (about 4 months ago). But i'm going nuts!! I'm hungry. i feel tired coz i rather not eat. i go to the grocery store and they sell nothing but fat things. i need a snack. Please Advice.
I know what you mean girlfriend.I was just like you at one time.Mine was over 600 at one time.Then it came down to 283.with no drugs.I started a low fat [saturated] diet and now it is 163.
Try eating lots of wheat bread and lean turkey.Also add more vegetables to your diet.Don't eat just any nuts.Almonds are low in fat and they are recommended by my doctor.
Fruits are a great way to snack.But make sure they aren't in heavy syrup.I also eat tuna fish sandwiches.You can still splurge once a week with a meal you like.
Read the labels on foods to see that they don't contain saturated fats.
I also take 500 ml of garlic a day.This helps keep your heart healthy and cut down on your cholesterol.try this link:
Exercise more. My girlfriend's dad is a martial arts expert, is in his fifties, eats lots of red meat and is as healthy as a bull with perfect cholesterol levels. However, he does take care of his body too, by downing healthy foods like the occasional bowl of oatmeal in the morning.
Removing red meats from your diet because a doctor thinks that this might lower your cholesterol is stupid. I am not a doctor but I am a person is capable of research. Firstly, a doctor might tell a patient that their cholesterol is high without telling them what the numbers are. If the good cholesterol ( HDL ) is making the total cholesterol number high then your cholesterol is probably just fine. If the bad cholesterol ( LDL ) is what's making the total high then that is another story.They don't tell them anything about ratios. Also, what you want to do is raise your natural statin, glucagon,in order to lower the bad cholesterol. To activate your glucagon you have to stabilize your insulin. By removing the things that you think causes high cholesterol, you are probably rasing your insulin levels, hence you are hungry. By raising insulin levels you will paralyze any glucagon activity. There is just to many unanswered questions on your doctor's part to demand you to give up red meat. My cholesterol is well within the "normal" range and I EAT my red meat. I eat my chicken, fish,asparagus and zuchini also. One thing that I don't eat are foods that make my insulin run haywire. Eat to stabilize your insulin and you will normalize your cholesterol.

I have herpes and like i been takin valtrex?

but for some reason i still have the bumps
and stuff idk what to dothey itch like crazy at times like bug bites i got tested and came back negative for any other disease
i only have herpesbut like i just went to the bathroom and like the theres alot of red bumpswhy is this happenin
i feel so stressed out right now
How long have you been on valtrex? It takes alittle while to treat an outbreak especially if it was your first. When I first started taking valtrex I did really good with 500mg daily and then my doc told me to take 1000mg the next month. Everytime I take the 1000mg tablets I get outbreaks but I have never ever got one on 500. Weird I know but that's just the way it works for me. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about changing your dose. I have been there and freaked out myself about it but really try not to stress so much cause stress actually causes you to get outbreaks. Also you don't need the extra drama it will get better I freaked out so much in the beginning and now I barely even remember I have it and you will to.
mayhbe ur having an alegeic reaction to the medication try a differnent one or a stronger doseage. see ur doctor
Are you taking the day to day medication or the medication for an outbreak? It is important to take the outbreak medication. I have this disease also and I have been told to take medication only if I have an outbreak to prevent myself from becoming desensitzed and avoid potential damages caused by the medication. Go to the doctor or even call and tell them it hasn't gone away. My first outbreak took two full perscriptions to go away, and it has not been back since.

I have herbal medicine for obesity, it has no side effects,how Iam market this herbal medicine?how i can get l

I am a herbalhealer, i have medicine for obesity through herbals, it has no side effects.This medicine is learn from my forefathers. I dont know how to markets it, and also I want details about licence and I also want finalcial and technical support for this medicine for marketing.
I think you'll have to get your product tested and certified from some Chemical Laboratory before you can start marketing it.
I want, I want, I want. For a holistic type, you sure want a lot. Doubt your product works, but if it does, contact some of the holistic distribution companies for better information.
you need to get introduce it to a production company and see if they would like to see your product

I have heart palpitations but when i take antibiotics they stop?

i have heart palpitations and the doctors ran alot of test and all nagative of the heart!but i was placed on augmentin 800 mg for a bladder infection well they stopped for about a month.then i was put on them again for my swollen wisdom teeth and they stopped again!is there somthing in my body causing them and the antibiotics are killing it but not all the way!i sound crazy but its very possible!
Did your doctor actually see the palpitations on the monitor or hear them? What it might be is actually not your heart but the increased blood volume that occurs with an infection. You might simply be able to "feel" your body's increased blood cell counts when you have an infection because there is more pressure when your blood volume is higher from the extra white cells and higher temp associated with an infection. Some people can "feel" if their blood pressure is high because of the pressure it puts on their necks and heads. The hear or feel a "Whoosh, whoosh" when their heart beats. That is simply because some people are more sensitive to their own bodies.
this is a question for your Dr my dear =good luck

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